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2085 W. Snowflake Blvd. Snowflake, AZ 85937


About Us

a little about us


Putter’s Paradise is under NEW OWNERSHIP! Let us introduce ourselves. We are Liz and Curt Schultz, relocating from a small town in upstate N.Y.

We are so excited to own Putter’s Paradise! Our goal is to make a good thing better. We have a lot of things we want to do. Our first projects are to spiff up the park entrance and to redesign the interior of the clubhouse – new paint, furniture, and décor. Unable to find golf décor (it’s harder than you think!), Liz is putting her creative side to work and designing her own pieces. Her big challenge is incorporating Curt’s warthog into the design!

The future holds a lot for Putter’s Paradise! We also want to

– redesign the exterior of the clubhouse and office

– add a playground, horse shoes, bocce ball and shuffle board courts

– do additional landscaping, maybe a water feature!

The old managers retired in June of 2016 and our new managers John and Sue Tagg took over for them.

Come check us out and help us celebrate changes and new beginnings!

We enjoy friends & family, motorcycle riding, scuba diving, flipping houses, and Mexican food!

Curt and Liz Shultz


We are Liz and Curt Schultz, relocating from a small town in upstate N.Y. Moving to Arizona is...

John and Sue Tagg


  John and Sue Tagg are originally from Connecticut and moved to Snowflake in May, 2016. We decided to embark...